The Bucket List

I’ve had this bucket list since I turned 25 and I keep adding things every now and then, especially when I have achieved an item. Some things have a closer deadline to keep me motivated, some things are “easy” to serve as lift-ups to get me going.

    1. Learn to speak a third language (after Indonesian and English)
    2. Live in another country Done. Lived in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2010-2011.
    3. Obtain a second degree Done. Master’s degree in Business Studies from the University of Amsterdam. Graduated August 2011.
    4. White Christmas Done. Christmas 2010.
    5. Go to Vatican City, attend a Sunday mass while there, visit the Sistine Chapel Done. January 2011.
    6. Make a wish at Trevi Fountain Done. January 2011.
    7. Attach a lock to a love bridge Done. November 2013 in Seoul (a tower actually, not a bridge, but tomayto tomahto ^^).
    8. Be called ‘Mama’ May 2015
    9. Learn to drive a car
    10. Have a walk in closet before turning 40
    11. Go to New York
    12. Watch a musical in Broadway (why does Les Miserables have to end? *cries* I hope The Phantom of the Opera doesn’t end before I have the chance to watch it in Broadway)
    13. Kiss my soul-mate under the Eiffel Tower
    14. See Aurora Borealis
    15. Use a fake name in one of those cafes/restaurants Done. I’m “Jane” at Burger Bar or Starbucks.
    16. Buy a Prada Saffiano Lux Tote in red or blue
    17. Own a pair of Louboutins
    18. Send my parents on a holiday to their dream destination
    19. Attend a World Cup match
    20. Go to Japan
    21. Find the perfect shade of red lipstick and wear it with confidence Done. January 2011. Sephora Rouge Cream lipstick (I’ll go check the type later :D)
    22. Find the perfect pair of jeans
    23. Find a flattering pair of heels and learn to run in them Done. Surprisingly, it’s a pair of Charles & Keith signature which I bought in 2012 for a little less than IDR 500k
    24. Wear sunscreen religiously (knowing the danger, I’m amazed and appalled at myself for still not doing this)
    25. Go back to 55kg

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