My Travel Packing Guilty Pleasure

Do you have things that you know you won’t really need or you know you can actually get by without when traveling, but you still pack them because you just can’t live without them or simply just because? Travel blogs everywhere have posts about the dos and don’ts of packing and some things almost always go on the don’t list, but I don’t care and I always bring them. Some things are just weird stuff for some people but I find it necessary to have these things with me when I travel.

1. Cosmetics & tools

cosmetic brushes

Okay, I never really backpack and I’m not an outdoorsy/nature type of traveler, but neither am I the glamorous type of traveler. I don’t pack my whole vanity but I think I bring quite a lot of cosmetics compared to other women when traveling. I always bring at least 3 lipsticks: nude, bright (fuschia, shocking pink), and red, because I like to use different colors depending on my mood (and red lipstick is always gorgeous, right?). I bring 2 types of eyeliners, pencil and gel. Pencil for when I’m in a hurry and gel because it’s my daily eyeliner. I bring 6 brushes when traveling: kabuki, eye shadow brush, angled e/s brush, blending brush, blush brush, and lip brush (my gel eyeliner also comes with its own brush) because I can’t image parting with any of them. Oh, and I bring the real-sized brush instead of those mini travel-size brush, which I find don’t work in my hand as well as the real-sized brush.

2. Straightening iron

For those of you who know me, you know how my naturally curly and frizzy hair is my enemy. Thus, the straightening iron.

3. Nail clipper

One of my pet peeve is when a nail broke. I won’t stop biting it unless I properly cut it with a proper nail clipper.

4. Elastic bands

Elastic bands are useful for many things. Tying your hair into a ponytail, saving unfinished food that come in a package, fixing something, or grouping small things into order.



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