A Song From My Favorite Album

Day 19 of the 30-day song challenge

What’s Changed – Craig David

And even though at first you meant the world to me
The time has come to spread my wings and be set free
So I can figure out a place where I belong
To find my way home now love is gone

World Filled With Love – Craig David

Cause I’m young heart living in a world filled with love,
so when tear drops fall from me like rain from above,
I can brush my troubles away,
know that deep down inside,
I’ve got sunshine in my life

You Don’t Miss Water (‘Till The Water Runs Dry) – Craig David

If you ever get the feeling
You wanna play around starting cheating, remember
You don’t miss your water ’til the well runs dry

These are songs from Craig David’s second album “Slicker Than Your Average”. I like this album more than his debut album and back then I could relate to a lot of the songs in this album. I also think that the songs in this album catered to a more global taste (mainstream R&B), but still without losing his trademark (two-step, garage). I find his voice to be soothing and soulful, and come on, who can resist that face? 🙂



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