Ticket to ride

After watching so many episodes of Running Man, it was obvious that we want to Korea someday, but we never planned it so that our trip to Korea is also to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. It sort of just happened.

One day in March 2013, I read a tweet from Garuda Indonesia that it was having a promotion period, I think it was called the ‘Early Bird’ promo. I went to their website and half-jokingly entered Seoul for some dates in October 2013 and April 2014, thinking that those are the ideal months to visit the country. I was surprised to see that the fare was very reasonable (so the promo was not merely a gimmick with lots of hidden costs, you know , like that other airline that claimed that ‘everyone can fly’. After comparing fares with other airlines, The Mister and I decided that Garuda Indonesia had the best fare and that we will go for 11 days in November to celebrate our anniversary there. Our tickets cost approximately USD 510 each for Jakarta-Seoul v.v. Considering that we will have humane leg room, hot meal and snacks, in-flight entertainment, blankets and pillows, 20 kgs of baggage each, and no stopover, we think this is a very good deal.

chonggyecheon streamGyeongbok-Palace-Seoul-Korea

I guess this means we’re going to Korea 🙂


photo credit: Juno Kim; R.J. Koehler


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