The Mister’s laptop and my 1 TB external hard disk were stolen this morning. They were inside The Mister’s backpack when someone broke the backseat window and grabbed it. The Mister was in a rush so he left his backpack in the car, then about half an hour later someone informed him that his car’s window were smashed.

Inside my external hdd were scanned copies of several important documents, my Master’s thesis and a lot of photos, including those documenting one year of my life in Amsterdam and all my travel photos from 2010 until 2012. Also in there were my wedding photos, but we can ask the photographer to send them to us again.

For precautions, I called the bank to block my credit card because if I recall correctly, I kept scanned copies of the front and back of my credit card in the stolen external hard disk. As for The Mister’s laptop, for sure there are important files in but we have not really had the time to recall things.

The Mister had spent the whole day making calls to the insurance company, visiting the police station nearest to the crime scene (about an hour from our house, where he was told that he can make the report at the station nearest to where we live), taking photos of the car, going to a print shop to print the photos, getting stuck in a hellish traffic jam in the rain to go the police station near our house only to be informed that the report need to be made at the police station nearest to the crime scene (damn you incompetent police officer who gave the wrong information!).

The Mister fell from his motorbike last week; scraped his knees and elbows, bruised his thigh and sprained his shoulder. And today, this happened. Definitely not our month, this May. *sigh*



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