Before 25 Hits You

1. Have a decent e-mail address that does not embarrass you when potential employee (or crush) asks for it. You know, one that consist of something like

2. Travel. Be it out your hometown or out of the country. Be it for family vacation, a backpacking road-trip with a bunch of friends, or even on a business trip. Traveling to a new place will open up your mind to different ideas and culture. Traveling build up your endurance and patience. Traveling enlightens you.

3. Accept the fact that you cannot change your parents. Which is not a bad thing, because you are young, dynamic, and more open to changes. They have put up with your for twenty-something years, and they might not have another twenty years. Don’t waste precious time defying everything they ask you to do or contradicting everything they say. Pick your fight and have a better relationship with them.

4. Open a savings account under your name and start saving. Start early and you can reap the results before you turn 30. Paying grad school tuition fee / taking your parents on a vacation / making a down-payment to that tiny house? It feels good doing it with your own money.

5. Learn to say no. You don’t have to accept every invitation to have coffee / meet for dinner / go clubbing / join yet another ‘arisan’ society. You don’t have to have a credit card. You don’t have to wear heels if they make you walk like a robot and you fear of breaking your neck every time you wear them. You don’t have to smoke / drink alcohol to be socially acceptable.

6. Know which tweet is worth tweeting and which one will only earn you more judgmental haters. Know that not every rant or gooey PDA is Facebook status-worthy. Keep some things to yourself. The world does not need to know every little thing about you.

7. Develop better hygiene. You may get through teenage years with bad body odor or unkempt hair, but no one would want to employ you / date you if you can’t present yourself with basic hygiene and aesthetic.

8. Say ‘I like you’ (or hell, ‘I love you’) first. And don’t regret it even if it resulted in heartbreak.

9. Stop feeling guilty because you found out that your passion is not remotely related to your Bachelor degree. Your life is not determined with a piece of paper and life is so much better when you do something that you feel at least a moderate sense of enjoyment.

10. Quit that job you hate.

11. Own an outfit that will make you feel like you can own the world in it. That little black dress. That pair of killer heels in red. That bloody expensive Dunhill suit. That leather biker jacket.

12. Identify your fears and learn to overcome them. Yes, you hate speaking in public, but in one point of your employment you will speak in front of more than one people.

to be continued because Cici is off to have lunch 😀


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