My traveling style

Traveling style

My traveling style perhaps can be described as semi-structured-fun. I like to have a structured itinerary but I know I won’t be meeting them 100% because situations change on the ground, but I like knowing that I have a plan to fall back to, alternatives to select from, if I have to stray from my original plan. There is nothing worse than wasting your precious limited time in a foreign destination because you did not plan well enough.

Traveling theme

Definitely history and food. I love visiting historical places (palaces, castles, towers, bridges, churches, buildings) and if time permits, museums. As for food, because I am no culinary expert, my take on food when traveling is: try the traditional delicacies, occasional splurging is acceptable, and if all fails (e.g. money/time/place not permitting), try the local menu of the giant fast-food franchise (KFC? McDonalds?).

Traveling budget

Currently a humble employee at a non profit organization under a European Union country, I don’t have a platinum credit card to afford me nights at a five (not even a four or three) star hotel, so B&Bs and hostels are my go-to-accommodation when traveling. As long as it has decent reviews and within walking distance to the nearest transportation, I’m fine with it. If I’m going to spend my days (and nights) prowling the city, why would I pay more for the bathtub / swimming pool / 40-something-cable-tv-channels that I’m not going to use anyway?



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