Midnight silliness

The Mister and I are silly. We do silly stuff by ourselves and together.

An example of silliness: slightly past midnight entering Sunday, I woke up from a constant and annoying pain in my shoulders and back. I was cranky and The Mister insisted (bless his heart) on giving me a traditional Indonesian solution for this kind of pain, kerokan.

When we were finished with the kerokan, it was almost 1am and I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I said to him “Can we watch a funny movie?” and decided on watching Despicable Me on his laptop.

At 2.30am, finished with the movie, I snuggled under the blanket, said “I’m sort of hungry but it’s almost 3am, so goodnight, love.”

The Mister: “How about I make you Nongshim ramyeon?”

Me: “No, thanks. It’s late. And I’m not that hungry.”

The Mister: “I’ll make one anyway.”

Me: “Dooo~~n’t. Really. Let’s go back to sleep.”

The Mister: “I’m still making one.”

Me: “Noooo! ….. but with an egg please.”


We ended up eating instant ramyeon (with an egg) at 3am, watched (half of) Double Jeopardy on cable and finally got back to bed at 4am.



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