Commuting in silence

All my life, I have lived close by to the place(s) where I conduct the majority of my activities. School, college, my first and second job, grad school, my third job. So when my fourth job is located in Jakarta, renting a room near the office was necessary.

When The Mister and I decided to get married, we also decided that we will buy a house in our hometown, Tangerang, preferably somewhere in the heart of the city, and not in the ‘hip’ area of Serpong. The reason why requires another post (can’t promise to write though, but perhaps I will, I’m usually on a roll in the first few days of starting a blog ^^).

I terminated the lease on my room on the month of my wedding, and when I return to work after the honeymoon, I started to embark on a spiteful-but-necessary routine of maybe a third of Jakarta’s daytime population: commuting.

I chose to commute from home to work by premium shuttle bus. It runs from Lippo Karawaci, a housing complex around 15-30 minutes (depends on what time of day) from my house, with an end point at Berita Satu Plaza (formerly known as Citra Graha Building). The ticket for a one-way trip is IDR 15,000 (USD 1.5). This choice of transport is convenient because of several things: my office building is right across Berita Satu Plaza; the bus is clean and fully air-conditioned; seats are comfortable (as comfortable as public buses get) -way more comfortable than other public buses in Jakarta-; it runs on a fixed schedule to and from a fixed point; when the seats are full, the bus won’t take standing passengers.

There are 2 major activities done by the shuttle bus passengers: sleeping and fiddling with electronic gadgets. More sleeping in the morning, more gadget in the afternoon. I used to not be able to sleep at all, but I’m getting the hang of it, falling into light sleep for 15 minutes or so. When I can’t sleep, I usually tweet and chat using Blackberry Messenger. And right now, I’m writing a WordPress post.

I like my commuting ride silent, marred only by the occasional passenger snore or other vehicles honking. So of course I find it annoying when passengers talk loudly on their phones or when they try to make small talk with me. I can’t shush a phone conversation (although I itch to do so) and I always try to work my way out of small talking with other passengers. I mean, what makes them think that I am willing to share what I consider to be private information?

Plugging my iPod earphone don’t seem to deter people from talking to me and some people still think it’s okay to engage me in small talk even when I appear busy with my Blackberry. Sleeping works best, but I don’t feel like sleeping in the afternoon and would rather do other stuff (like Tweeting and blogging).

For someone who likes talking, I still prefer commuting in silence.



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